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Terms and Conditions


Prolien Services, LLC. (Prolien) is a construction notice service only and does not practice law or give legal advice. All documents Prolien prepares including, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, preliminary notices, are done at customer’s request. These documents are prepared based on the information provided by the customer to Prolien and Prolien IS NOT responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the customer.

Prolien Services, LLC. assumes no responsibility for the errors of third party sources, changes in ownership of property that first appeared after the document preparation has taken place or by any and all public records sources including title companies, recorders offices, assessor’s offices, building permits, planning and zoning, etc., that do not keep their records up to date. In addition, Prolien assumes no responsibility for errors, quality of service, or lack of record by the United States Postal Service and other document/mail delivery carries.

All document requests that lack a) complete project address, or b) complete customer information, or c) at least (3) working days until preliminary notice expiration date, are subject to cancellation. Prolien, at its sole discretion, may attempt to complete such a preliminary notice subject to late or incomplete surcharges AND IN ALL CASES WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR THE CONTENT THEREOF OR THE TIME FRAME IN WHICH IT WAS SENT OUT. In addition, all document requests that contain more than one LOT will be subject to a surcharge of no less than ten dollars per LOT. This surcharge does not apply to documents submitted as “No Research”.

If a customer elects to file their own lien or Stop Payment Notice, all information on the originating preliminary notice MUST be re-verified. The possibility that information has changed since the original preliminary notice was prepared warrants this additional step in ALL cases. If a customer elects to have Prolien prepare and file a lien, re-verification will automatically be done by Prolien prior to filing said lien. In addition, it is the customer’s responsibility to monitor associated lien time frames, allotting Prolien ample time for re-verification and preparation.

Prolien Services, LLC. will verify as much information as possible in the preparation of all documents and may require additional information from the customer to complete notice preparation. Prolien at its sole discretion may choose to cancel a notice in which the customer or critical parties do not respond to requests for additional information.

Accounts become past due at 60 days and are automatically changed to STOP status. No proof of service or affidavits will be issued on past due accounts until the entire account balance is paid in full and customer’s check clears the bank. Bad check fees will be charged back to your account. Those customers who continually write bad checks will be put on a C. O. D. status.

Prolien Services, LLC. reserves the right to refuse to work with clients who do not adhere to the terms and conditions above stated.

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